TalknSave – green since 1999
At TalknSave, we know reducing paper consumption and junk mail isn’t just good for the environment – it also makes great business sense.

In 1999 – we became the only phone company in Israel to issue statements exclusively by email

By 2003 – the vast majority of our students were signing up online

Now, in 2010...
  • 99% of new rentals are paper-free signups.
  • Statements, user guides, brochures and more are all available online.
  • Phone packaging is usually recycled or repurposed.
  • Phones are shipped in recyclable paper envelopes, with a minimum of printed enclosures.
  • Old phone models are recycled or repurposed, not disposed of.
  • Company internal memos and materials are almost exclusively paper-free.
  • Our corporate offices strive to reduce energy consumption and water usage.

When you choose a phone company, service and savings are probably your first considerations. But at TalknSave, we're proud of everything we do – even one less Styrofoam coffee cup in the garbage.

Thinking green? We're giving away TalknSave reusable coffee mugs and aluminum bottles – stop by our Jerusalem office today! (while supplies last).